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Disclaimer/ Legals

Heavy Metal Over A Six Pack Podcast Disclaimer and Legal

Heavy Metal Over A Six Pack Podcast is a privately owned and operated entity. All productions and representations are the sole opinion of HMOA6PACK Podcast for entertainment purposes. All opinions shared on the show are that of the individual host and guests. HMOA6PACK are not responsible for the opinion or statements of guests or outside entities on the show or on any media sources. All content is used and meant to be for entertainment purposes only.

Any works discussed by HMOA6PACK podcast will be credited to source or author as deems fit. We claim no ownership of art from other sources but discuss opinions and interpretations of said work.

Music, video, photos, and other media of such that is represented on the podcast is used with expressed permission from the work of art, music, or composition’s owner. Any submitted music, photo, or other media is submitted with the understanding that it is strictly voluntary and under no obligation for fees or royalties. We at HMOA6PACK Podcast do not claim any ownership to any of these medias and credit and source the ownership back to said owner. HMOA6PACK Podcast reserves the right to use any music, photo, or media that is submitted at the our discretion and at no penalty of copyright, perjury, or miss use from the original author or owner. HMOA6PACK Podcast will refrain from use of music, photo, and media that was submitted at the request of the original author or owner of said material, however, any published print, audio, or media that has already been distributed, we retain the right not to modify these works, and that said media, music, or photos will be discontinued for use in future posts and submissions. 

HMOA6PACK Podcast is under no obligation to reimburse guests of the show for their appearances. Audio collected from live guests is at the sole discretion of the individual and is voluntary in nature, and HMOA6PACK can use said audio and media at their discretion with no penalty or under the understanding of no fee or royalty to be collected. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be forwarded to HMOA6PACK Podcast in writing by mail at: HMOA6PACK Podcast, 311 Maple St, WInchendon, MA 01475 or by email; hmoa6pack@gmail.com

From a small town in Massachusetts, avid music and horror fan.  Drummer for over 10 years and sometimes funny.  Love the local music scene and all things music, high concert goer and always open for new bands, music etc.

Massachusetts native, self taught musician.

Vocalist for Preylium - @preylium - www.preylium.com

Vocalist/ Guitar for A Kings Descendant - @akingsdescendant_official

Co Director/ Producer HMOA6PACK Podcast

Amateur comedian (AT least sometimes he thinks he is funny)

Side interests: Sports, poker, comedy, movies, and podcasting.

Born and raised in Massachusetts. Guitar and vocalist. Army Vet. Rock and Metal head. Frequent flyer to metal shows. Avid Whiskey, Wine and Beer enthusiast. Don't tell my mom I listen to Metal!